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  • MaryEllen McCloud

October 20, 2018

The Father says, My people are experiencing higher levels of chaos walking into these next few weeks. The enemy is trying to rattle you into having more conflicts and struggles than normal. Look up and pay the noise no mind. The wind will cease when you do so. Transition times are coming to an end and new roads will be traveled upon. Keep your focus on where I am taking you.

I am removing the religious minds around you that have felt welcome to give their opinion about your call in Me. This will be marked by a ‘stomping off’ by these people as you refuse to be swayed by their words. For you to flow freely, you will need to have dead weight and dead mindsets lifted off of your shoulders. You may be tempted to hang on to these relationships, but I say to you that your future will be heavily impacted if you keep these people in your confidences and trust.

Someone may say that they follow Me, but not truly be a follower of Mine. See through the religious rhetoric to know who really walks in My Light and who is just getting by. The Pharisees and Sadducees knew the text and laws, but not My Heart. Being a well read person does not overshadow having a intimate relationship with the Author. For My Spirit gives Revelation with understanding to the mysteries contained within.

Many who thought that they were in My inner circle will find out that their Pride will leave them out in the cold. Many who thought they were an outsider in My Kingdom Purposes will discover they were standing right next to Me the whole time. Perception is everything. For what you believe is what you act upon. Choose to See and Believe that you are Mine. Put away Childish notions. See yourself as who you really are; Royal Sons and Daughters. You are My Beautiful Child who has the brightest path ahead. Do not soil your royal garments is the business of daily life. You are Called for More!

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