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  • MaryEllen McCloud

October 2, 2018

The Father says, If I have not resurrected what once was, then you living in that moment does nothing for your gain either. Even My Spirit is in the new music not in songs long since past. Many believe I will never do a new thing, but the truth is I Am always releasing the New over the whole Earth.

If you want to catch the New Wave of My Spirit, you must be willing to let go of what you are holding onto. Where I Am is where you must be as well, to stay in My Flow and Glory. You are not designed to set up camp and stay for long. The Frequency from Heaven changes like the songs of Whales.

You are only limited in receiving what you decide is your limit. My fountain is overflowing whether you choose to partake or not. Do not speak against what I Am doing for these generations. All has a divine purpose to fulfill, and I will demonstrate My Power through those who are willing to be used. My people can learn from any vessel that I choose to use.

Release the mindset that I will only do something one or two ways. A closed mind will not reap from what I Am sending to you in this hour. Many reject for years My Spirit moving throughout My Bride until that movement is over. I will dance and celebrate over My People and I will show Myself in new and familiar ways. I will not come to you the same way I did in previous years. Are you ready for what I Am releasing to the world right now? Catch the wave and enjoy the ride.

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