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  • MaryEllen McCloud

September 28, 2018

The Father says, You have come across those that were friends but turned into enemies. You have withstood doubters to the truth of your path from Me. Many have judged your heart and your integrity. Do not spend a moment more with thoughts of people who are not invited to reap this joy with you. That time of pain will not revisit to overshadow the abundance of happiness about to befall your face.

You have stuck next to Me and followed well even when the road was fogged in. Your missteps are being made right before you this hour. The Dreams that we have co-created together are about to be your mighty stepping stones to great freedom and liberty. Did you hear that? Liberty from what man can do to you. What I am doing in and through you will not be denied before My Throne.

I have called you, raised you, and now you are sent. It does not matter what the response is from those near and far. It does not matter who demands you to justify your actions. You have My shield and My protection over your life. No man has power over you even when they stomp their feet over and over. Do not quit and do not hesitate to move where I lead you to.

I alone have qualified with you. My authority and power dwell in and through you. You are walking on the water and nothing will cause you to stumble. This is the time you were made to walk in. This is the land you were created to subdue. Your territory has expanded and your influence will not be held back. I am sending helpers to be the extension of your arms and feet. This is what you have asked Me for and prepared to walk out for My Namesake. You are My Beloved!

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