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  • MaryEllen McCloud

September 24, 2018

The Father says, My Healing Rains are falling. So much pain and so much grief has been part of your life for far too long. I Am freeing you of the prison bars that have encapsulated aspects of your life. I Am refreshing your direction and giving you strength to walk out. What was sent to destroy you did not. What is sent to heal you will do so without any visible evidence you were ever wounded.

I Am the resetter of time. What was sent to harm you will launch you higher than you would have gotten had that incident not come your way. I can change anything to your benefit and I will surely do no less for those that put their faith and trust in Me. You were made to walk on that water in all things. I will sustain you. I will keep you and I will bless you. You have nothing to fear.

I have numbered your days. I have ordered your steps. Come and follow Me, for there are greater days ahead than what you have left behind. It only takes a minute to step out of My Will and only a minute to realign. It is time to get busy and back on track. What you thought was a bad hand dealt to you is about to bring you a multitude of wealth to your spirit. What I Am teaching you in this hour is so invaluable.

Many missing pieces that you have been asking, seeking, and knocking for are coming down in this rain.

Your spiritual senses are coming into clarity. What you thought was one thing will turn out to be something entirely different. What you thought you were walking towards will turn out to be something out of this world with favor that you could not have imagined was waiting here for you. It is your moment to walk into the fullness that I have for you. I You are a blessing to Me, and I will restore all that you are lacking.


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