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  • MaryEllen McCloud

Daily Prophetic Word September 17, 2018

The Father says, I have not called you to live with the sins of your ancestor’s past. Many of My people wear the shame and condemnation of what others have done. Yes, what they did affects your life, but I say allow Me to let it affect you for the Good and not to swallow you whole. What happened can be transformed if you will only allow Me to Touch that situation.

I am no respecter of persons. I made you exactly the way that you are. I am not confused by your gender or your race. You possess exactly what those I send you to are in need of. Sure some will reject you no matter what. Brush their junk attitude off of you. I Am raising you up to withstand the scorn of those in all platforms.

Do not join in on hate speech, but allow Me to take you to realms that others will never reach. Let My Dreams become your Dreams. Let My Will become your Will. To change the world you have to become World Changers. This does not happen in vacuum. Allow Me full access to you. I have so many wonderful plans for those that yield before Me.

You will still be standing while the worlds of those around you crumble. They are their own undoing. Focus on the minds that did shift out of the darkness into My Light. Focus on the Good that you do every day just being who I created you to be. I Am with you always. Rise Up for now you are taking the Land for My Honor and Glory!

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