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  • MaryEllen McCloud

Daily Prophetic Word September 14, 2018

The Father says, Sunrise and Sunsets were created to give you a clear sign when it is time to get busy and when it is time to rest. Adopt these cues in your life in all ways, not just a few. I Am teaching you a better way and one that will be full of balance. You see, you cannot be effective if you are burning the candle at both ends. I have called you to enjoy your life and too much work will not benefit you in the long run. You will eventually pick up assignments that I did not send you to.

Refreshing waves are coming to you. I Am filling your spirit with My Goodness and so much Laughter. I Am reaching through your darkness and shining the Light of Heaven over you. Watch as My Angels come to your aid. Speak to your mountain for I Am in the business of removing mountains. Walk this day with your head held high.

I Am stretching and making you! Growth does not happen in a bubble, but tested against the trials of life. You are not falling. I have you fully in My Arms. Cast aside fear and negative thoughts that nothing will ever change. You are made for change! You are made for victory in all things. You are priceless and irreplaceable in My Kingdom. For the trumpets have already sounded and your resources are on the way.

In the next few months, you will watch your to-do list get smaller and smaller. Look and see that your completed list gets longer and longer. I am working behind the scenes to resolve all that your list requires. Place your focus on My Voice and Hands. Speak to My Heart and I will speak to yours. Walk with Me hand and hand. What lies ahead is joyous. Do not fear. I will take you step by step into the dawn of a new era for you, My beloved. Dwell in your heart and mind of the lovely aspects in the Kingdom and this is what will explode in your life every day.

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