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  • MaryEllen McCloud

Daily Prophetic Word September 9, 2018

The Father says, You can’t always run. I know you want to arrive sooner, but there are times you need to walk and even other times when you need to stand still. A Master clock maker has to take multiple components and place them in precise locations in relation to the other parts to establish the right synchronization. One thing out of place or rushed will not give the finished product that is being sought. I do not wish that you have to start over in what I am doing in this season. There are delicate matters that need a delicate Hand and Tools. Let Me put the pieces in the right order and timing.

Time is on your side for a benefit not a disservice. Do not see time as your enemy. I Am the creator of Time and so you will have the time to do everything I place in your spirit to accomplish. You are not supposed to be a slave to time. Change your mindset and live in My Freedom. I have not called you to pile on task after task and issue after issue onto yourself. Ask Me what do place down and what to pick up. You need a balance in your life. If I say that My burden is light, decide not to give yourself more than what I want to allow in your life. Doing more does nothing for you in reality.

I am not grading you on a performance graph or curve. What man believes that you are to do or not do is not your portion. I am teaching My people how to walk without fear of what man can do. What rages at your castle walls will not harm you even on a cloudy day. Keep your focus and decisions based on My plan for your day. Have you figured out what that is yet? There are times when you have more freedom to choose and there are other times that I give you very little wiggle room. If you are seeking Me, I will make sure you do not miss the important turns in the road.

I hear your prayers and see your struggles in what you should do or where you should go. I Am speaking to those very issues in new and familiar ways. My desire is that your seeing and hearing becomes sharper so that you will recognize My movements far sooner. I am giving you moments to practice growing in your spiritual tuning. My Frequency is always flowing from the Throne Room. Slow down in your day and you will notice what has been there all along. I have promised not to leave you without My Spirit. You are never alone for I will always be right there with you!

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