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  • MaryEllen McCloud

Daily Prophetic Word September 8, 2018

The Father says, I am sending a breaker anointing to those who suffer from unhealthy addictions. It does not matter what this struggle is, I am coming to you with freedom in My Hands. Reach up and grab a hold of this movement, for the chains are falling even in this hour. The enemy of your soul thought you were defeated and down for the final count, but I say NO! I have greater things for you to do, and I am releasing the hands of oppression.

I am showing you in this hour just how precious you are to Me. I will heal up those deep wounds and establish fresh purpose and joy that you have never known before. The world may let you down, but I, the Lord your God, will claim you for the whole world to see. Wipe away the tears of shame and condemnation. This does not have a place in your future. It is time for you to wear your Crown proudly for what was stolen will be given back to you in greater measure than you ever could imagine.

Turn away from the bitterness you have held onto. What is past is certainly past. Your future is a clean slate and clear of all of the past troubles. See the New that I Am doing all around you. Do not be afraid to come before the Throne and Ask Boldly. Nothing is too great or too small. Ask for everything you desire. Will I not supply according to My Riches in Glory? Your closest friend may not even understand you, but I know exactly what led you to where you are today. I will take you higher and farther because of what you have gone through over these years. Is there anyone I cannot redeem and use as a Beacon on a Hill?

I chose you long ago for a destiny. I will not allow that to be compromised. You are the only one who can reject what I desire to do in and through you. You are My Beloved. Your cries have been heard, and today you will see and hear My Answer thunder in the distance getting closer and closer, until you walk out of the dark and fully into My Light and Favor. My Arms surround you this hour. My Goodness will not deny you!

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