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  • MaryEllen McCloud

Daily Prophetic Word August 25, 2018

The Father says, When you want a higher position in My Kingdom, serve My sheep in positions that are behind the scenes. David had to learn all about the needs of sheep before He would be able to carry the weight of being a ruler over many. You must come to a place where you are pleased to serve Me no matter where I put your feet. There is not a ‘beneath you’ position, as all are vital to My plans. See everything as a stepping stone to grow and be seen as one who is responsible for My Namesake. If I can trust you in the least, I will trust you in the great.

I will not overlook you when it is time for promotion. Too many want to be at the end but they refuse to learn all of the components that will allow them to flourish at their destiny. You cannot rush this process. Let My Glory rest upon you at each season, in new and magnificent ways. You are not going to want to miss any of this. You see, I will always come to you in different ways from season to season. As our relationship grows deeper and deeper, so will what I reveal to you. Many think I Am off somewhere, but no My Child, I Am just working in your life in a different manner.

Come seek Me out. For I hide what must be sought out by Kings. See yourself as Kings and Queens of My Bride. Some are ready to rule now, and others are still being prepared by My Hand and My Voice. Where you are now does not change who you truly are. Do not let the enemy rattle you into complaining against your current circumstances. Do you not see it is all just a big smokescreen? Through your complaining, you continue to give him more and more power over your life and situations. Stop! Look at him and command him out of your heart and mind.

Be diligent to watch your words for they will feed your attitude and then your actions. In your day, there are blessings to celebrate with unending joy. Lend your eyes towards this so that you do not become your own stumbling block. A heart that murmurs and complains will destroy all that your hands have laid work in. You will surely open up soul wounds that will fester and ooze the toxic words of the enemy. Be watchful and on guard at all times. Do not abandon the watchtower lest the enemy overcome your walls.

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