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Daily Prophetic Word August 15, 2018

The Father says, A fire in the forest releases the new seeds from their protective shells. Without the fire, there will be no new trees to grow and replace what has died off. Know that even though you may go through the fiery trials, what is stripped away will bring forth much beauty and freshness in the land of your life. I have said nothing is wasted, and even when what comes is unjust, I will show you the goodness of My Hand for you and in you. Do not look towards life as a burden. See beyond this moment to the purposes that I will spring up.

When you cannot go on for one more moment, just look into My Eyes for I know all that you suffer with and for. I understand so completely. Nothing is lost in translation. Seasons change and if you will allow Me, I will step right into that need of yours. Feel the ground shake and tremble. See the prison doors swing open. My Child, you have been here too long. It is time to go. Let Go. Let Go. For you do not live among the tombs of sorrows from yesterday. You are in My Light and My Purpose.

Watch the seeds of blessings suddenly spout yet again. I have planted seeds that you didn’t even sow. For increase and multiplication is your portion. Just as Job was given back what was lost, your sorrow has multiplied your favor. I cannot be denied and so you cannot either. What was taken is coming back to you. For every unjust hand played against you will be forced to bless you. The ground has shifted and My Glory can be seen in with the natural eyes.

Get your paper and pens ready. These new seeds will provide you with amazing new ideas in a variety of areas and territories. Find yourself flooded with My Glory and feel the rain of supplement be your guide. Mysteries and questions will be answered and come to you with such clarity. It is not My desire to leave you without answers. All must happen at the right time and place. You are ready for what I have been preparing you for. Your seasons of pain are closing and now is your time to dance with unending jubilation.

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