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Daily Prophetic Word August 7, 2018

The Father says, Promotion is your portion, but many will see this time in your life as a demotion. Those who are unable to see My Hand over your life will see the chaos as a sign that you are out of My will instead of completely sold out to Me. Be careful whose words you allow to penetrate your heart and mind. In the confusion, you may be tempted to accept the advice and opinions of those you value, but it will be misguided as they will see the wrong things.

Right before the hour of promotion, the enemy will strike the hardest in an attempt to get you to lose hope and drop My Promises on the ground. Others may only lead you to further discouragement believing that somehow you missed out on what I desired for your life. I say to you HOLD ON! This rocky road will soon smooth out, and you will see all that I have stored up on your behalf. Keep your heart full of belief in Me no matter which way the winds will blow.

Remember that I created you from My imagination at the very beginning. I have held you safe ever since. Not a day goes by that I have not created for you. Focus not on what has happened as a result of a fallen world. See beyond to who holds you for all of eternity. A heart of stone will sink you to the bottom of the ocean. You were made to soar above the highest clouds. You are only in transition. Do not accept the smoke screen coming from the enemy.

You will conquer the darkness. You will conquer your doubt and fear. Do not pause to survey your surroundings, just keep moving forward, for your breakthrough has already been released by My Voice. Grab a hold of My truth and Great Favor coming to you in this hour. You are not out of My Grace, Love, and Mercy. I have done everything for your Blessing, and I will not allow anything to place harm over your life. Ask Me for the Keys to remove what seems immovable. I will provide you the blueprint to all that you wonder about, but are afraid to ask. Come to Me. I will share with you mysteries from My Throne room.

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