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  • MaryEllen McCloud

July 26, 2018

The Father says, Many look for My Rivers in places here and there. I say to you that when you seek Me, the River will appear wherever you are. You have the ability to tap into Heaven in all times, not just a few. I am teaching My people how to be true Worshipers for this is your key to the miraculous. You cannot reach higher through any other way. You must align your heart and mind to My purposes in all things and not just what you agree with. I cannot teach you when you are closed to anything that is different from what you have been told. Search Deep for when you Ask, Seek, and Knock I will come through and reveal the mysteries your heart yearns for. Place down your desire to challenge through the mind to push to be right against another. Wrong teachings are being cut away from each one of you, for many are walking in the traditions of men and religious rhetoric. Many are right in their own mind and yet are fallen away from My Truth. Place down your pride for this will keep you from seeing errors in your thinking. It does not matter how many repeated that belief to you, if I Am calling you to change and turn away, then freedom will only come when you do so. The father of lies has always used a twisting of My Word to cause My people to stumble. The weapons against you have not changed. A weed of lies growing in your heart will crowd out My Voice. You will continue to reject My Truth and walk down the path of darkness. I have come to set the Captives Free. Many do not think that they need freeing. Even when they are shown what their situation really looks like, many will just return from where they just came. I will not force My Will upon you, for I do not consider you a slave or servant. I have called you friend even on the days you consider Me your enemy. My intentions towards you have not changed and never will. My Plan A is still on the table concerning your life. It is not too late even if you have fallen over and over. Your heart is what I Am looking at when I draw the blueprints for your destiny. I have placed no limits on what I will do in and through you. Come walk with Me. It is time for a fresh perspective.

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