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  • MaryEllen McCloud

July 23, 2018

The Father says, Windows are meant to be seen through to gain revelation and understanding into environments that are just on the other side of your reality. The same too there are spiritual windows where your spirit gains insight and wisdom from Heaven. To be effective, you must be diligent to keep the glass clean for the correct vision. Life can be messy, and your gateways can become clouded and caked by sin. You have the tools already to not only clean but also prevent. Decisions to live and be a part of the world can impact how your gifts flow, and the outcome of situations before you. You are cleaned and whole by The Blood of the Lamb. A Gift of Perfect Restoration. For when you choose to soil your garments becoming clean again only takes coming back to Me for reconciliation. The Prodigal Son wanted his own way and even at the first sign of trouble, did not turn around and come back to the Father. He continued on sitting in his own filth and undoing. If you need to come completely to your own end to decide to turn around, I will surely let you get to that dire of a state. Know that I desire that you come to Me every day, in days of splendor or in failure. I already know the beginning from the end. I am not standing here shocked or unsure of what to do on your behalf. I knew you would walk yourself right into that pit. Many desire wisdom, but many more will not use what I have given them. You are Loved and You are Special to Me. My Best Robe, Ring, and Shoes are yours. The Feast is being made ready and the Celebration will be in Heaven and Earth. For the Lost is Now Found! Come Home Now!

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