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  • MaryEllen McCloud

July 19, 2018

The Father says, It is time to put action to what is in your spirit. I am downloading fresh ideas and new creative ways to accomplish all that I put inside your earthen vessel. Look to the horizon for what you have been expecting is very near to you now. Forget the former for it can no longer serve you. Hanging onto old offenses will not lead to a healed heart. I cannot do for you what you will not allow Me to. I desire to heal every wound, so release even the most egregious of sins. You are the only one who can decide to set yourself free. I have promised to right the wrongs, but I cannot until you let go. See yourself as whole, and you will become just that by My Hand. All sins were forgiven and atoned for on the Cross, including those that cause you to stumble. Nothing is hidden. Allow My Son to shine on all that keeps you weighed down. What you seek to hide will only destroy your purposes. You have thought you are so far off from My Best, but I say that it only takes a change in mindset to be right on course again. People maybe wrong about you, but I Am not. I knew your potential from the day I created you. What is known to Me is still being Discovered day by day for you. It is time to get off of the sideline to become the main ingredient in what I am doing in and around you. I have not excluded you from My Favor. Decide not to exclude yourself. Today, I am wrapping you up in My Love. Receive My Glory, which is in your midst right now. Ask Me to open your spiritual senses, for I desire you to behold all that your spirit was created to experience. You are more than you believe you are!

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