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  • MaryEllen McCloud

July 10, 2018

The Father says, I am not in past movements where My people once flourished in. Many are wanting things the way they used to be, but there is no POWER still in what was. I Am in your Now. I am establishing what should be for your today’s, not yesterday’s. I am not a boring God and so Behold, I DO A NEW THING! None of My Chosen Vessels in the Bible were carbon copies of each other and each had their own unique signs, wonders, and miracles that were for their journey. My Bride fails to fully acknowledge and walk in what I am up to now because they only want a handful of known signs of My Hand and Voice. Who is hoping I will do the UNHEARD of today? When they see it, many deny it is by My Power and Authority. What is familiar will not truly satisfy nor take you to the Heights that are indeed your portions. Expect Me to do what has never been and you will truly be where I desire you to be. Ask Me to do the unseen in your life and you will walk in days that astonish even the best skeptics. Ask for little, get little; Ask for everything, and you will receive all that I have. I am willing to do far more than My people are thinking I will do. Take a risk every day in our relationship. I will show up when you place your faith and trust in Me alone. The logical mind of mankind will not get you to where I want you to stand in. The Hidden Door is in the Spiritual realm, but watch it manifest to meet your needs. Let the New be New in every respect. Do you believe I could and would? Dance with Me and Celebrate your today’s. Greater is your portion. Today, we feast at My Table and Today I will deliver you with My Majesty beyond imagining.

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