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  • MaryEllen McCloud

July 9, 2018

The Father says, The sorrow in your heart is not meant to take you out, but show you how I care about the world around you and within you. Come closer for I am showing you the precious diamonds and gems because of what you allow yourself to be vulnerable to. You wear My Heart and with that, burdens that are Mine and not yours. Tell Me what you desire to come forth in this world. Tell Me what you want to see become beauty from the ashes. It is by your petitions that I respond with My Yes and Amens. My Hand does not move until you say Lord, Please! Speak for that is the key to unleash My Saving Power to the generations. What you care about becomes My Priority. Many are operating on a skin and bones mentality. Receive My Fullness of Favor and Honor. Stop thinking only in Heaven can you taste My Unending Goodness. Unbelief deceives you into letting go of the Best to accept the less. The sea roars with My Voice. The Winds carry the New Seed for a better harvest. The Sky breaks to crowd out the darkness. You are not without My Ever Presence. I never leave your side. Failure is not the issue, quitting is. When you quit you will not behold the fruit of what you struggled in. If the butterfly stops trying to be released from the chrysalis, she will surely die. Your wrestling against the forces will break way. Keep pressing forward!

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