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Daily Prophetic Word July 7, 2018

The Father says, Many are looking for Me to come down, but I have said that you are invited to come up here. You are not forbidden as the Veil was torn over 2000 years ago. You are not weak and frail. You carry more significance in your being than you could ever imagine. You have My thumbprint and DNA. I do not make mistakes. I desire to be with you always so I made a way when all seemed lost.

All that was available to you from the very beginning is fully open to you now. What your body cannot do, your spirit surely was created to walk in. If you hold out your hands with the desire and expectation, I will meet you where you are. David as a mere boy worshipped at My feet long before He saw all that I had written out for his life. Just like David, you will be astonished at what I desire to do in your life.

You have to ask yourself, ‘who is in control really in my life?’ When you seek My will there are times I will set before you the exact steps and means for you to carry out. And other times, I will hand you a box of keys and tell you to let your heart soar. Obedience is better than sacrifice. Do not confuse your moments of when you are to do which. Many go about on their own path because they believe I am denying them of something wonderful only to find that what they thought was good was just a big mistake.

I will keep you safe when you are walking in My Will. I know what is ahead and what you are likely to get distracted by. I am not caught off guard by what you will choose. You are unique and so I have you on a unique course and speed. Some are able to go faster and some will go slower. What is for today may not be how the very next moment moves in and around you. What happens in a day does not define your experiences nor how your future will unfold. You have choices and decisions that will impact and shape more than you have anticipated. Come up higher if you want to understand what is hidden.

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