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Daily Prophetic Word July 6, 2018

The Father says, Kingdoms clash and collide. This has been the way even in the Garden. Do not let the world sway you from this truth and to that lie. What is by My Hand has a deep divine purpose that you may not understand in the moment. Many look to and fro trying to find logical meaning only to take themselves down the wrong road.

I am stirring up people, regions, and challenging the very foundations people have built their lives upon. Complacency made many fall asleep and many more decided to do what was right in their own minds. How I answer mankind is unique to your time and season. Do not look to how things were. Decide today that what is happening is for your good and not for evil.

Many look to what another is doing with desire for judgment but have you surveyed your own heart and mind. Gateways unto your very soul were left unguarded, thinking no harm would come. The enemy is cunning and there are snares at every opportunity. If you behave like someone who is of the lost world, how will you avoid those traps?

You are either allowing freedom or allowing bondage. Have your eyes grown dull that you cannot see the truth. Discernment is a choice to pickup daily. Rejecting words of correction from trusted sources only leaves you without godly counsel. Pride will be the undoing allowing one to be swallowed up by the abyss. Choose the ways of Life and not of Death.


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