• Replenished Hope Ministries

Daily Prophetic Word July 4, 2018

The Father says, Freedom is your portion but you must choose this as a way of life. Man will try to bind and control you. The enemy will do likewise to areas you remain unguarded in. Remain vigilant. Do not fall asleep to the charms of the world. You cannot conquer what you refuse to subdue.

Take up your mantle and do not let your glory fall to the floor. Even now the atmosphere is ripe with promises ready to manifest. Even now you are being made fully ready for My Kingdom assignments. There will be many voices near and far demanding your attention. Where you place your focus is where your compass will lead you.

Be mindful of your comings and goings. A small stumble can have a ripple effect that you did not anticipate. Moses fell short of his end destination due to a choice in anger. Be one of self-control and attention to being on purpose in words or deeds. Do not allow your emotions to rule over your moments. Hasty decisions can cost you greatly.

You are already called and chosen. You do not need to prove anything as to your qualifications or worth. I know who you are in Me and wiped away who you are in you. Even when others challenge your authority that I sealed you with, walk away with your head held high. I will deal with those looking to stir up trouble and charges against you. Walk in My Freedom for you are given nothing less than what I died to give you.