• Replenished Hope Ministries

Daily Prophetic Word June 1, 2018

The Father says, June is in Bloom. What was dead has been done away with. Look towards what is Rising Up before you. Be wise among your dealings and acceptance of what is truth. I say that the days of great deception are upon the world, but that does not mean you have to be deceived. Discernment is yours in fullness.

You do not have to give an answer or agreement without coming before the Throne first. Do not wander in what you think is correct in your own mind. The enemy seeks to twist what is good and right into something very wrong. Get closer to My Spirit and you will know what is just a facade.

Will you stare the truth in the face and still walk the way of the crowds? I called you to Occupy not close up shop. Nothing is beyond My Hand of Course Correction. Yes, the Earth Realm has looked even darker before and yet the Days still got Brighter with My Hope once more. Trust and Lean not on your own understanding.

What you will not fight for may be lost to you. The Call is open to all of My people. You cannot reap what you have not toiled into. Stand together in Unity. Put away religious arguments and march forward fully equipped and ready to go against the foe in the natural and spiritual realms. Each of you is vital to My Kingdom.