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To Those That Grieve and Mourn

To Those That Grieve and Mourn

Mother's Day evokes many different emotions from person to person. It is a day of celebration but not everyone has that experience, leaving many to suffer in silence as to not disrupt those who do have Joy.

To those who are walking through moments of fighting back the tears. We honor you as well. Your pain has been seen by your Father in Heaven. He will come through with Healing in His Wings. He will bring you Great Comfort. Allow Him to minister to you this very day.

No matter the reason for your sorrow, God is the answer. Even if you believe He is upset with you, know this day that nothing could be further from the truth. He Loves You with an Eternal Love. There is nothing that He will not do for you. Receive His Perfect Love. God knew where you would be this day. He was not caught off guard, and His deepest Desire is to Love on You.

You are Understood and You are Forgiven for Everything that you could ever possibly hold against yourself. If you have been estranged from God, Come Back Home! His Arms are Wide Open.

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