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Daily Prophetic Word May 8, 2018

The Father says, Write your story. Is not what your spirit pulls you towards part of My Divine plan? What I placed deep inside has no other option but to bloom in its due time and season. Many talk themselves out, thinking the plan is too risky or irresponsible. Would I set you up for failure or will I take you to a place that is beyond your own ability?

You will only come to full realization just how far you can go when there is a challenge to go higher and farther. It is time to write the vision AND use it as your guide in daily matters. Come before My Throne boldly! Ask and Believe that you will receive. My Good Pleasure is to give Blessings and Unmerited Favor.

Be a People who responds knowing that I Am for you. Be a People who puts away religious mindsets and limitations. I did not create Heaven to abandon the Earth realm. My Glory resides in both at the same time. I am making the crooked path straight. I am shifting the atmosphere to your benefit.

Your own mindset either manifests the World I Am working in, or abandons to a lesser reality. Only you can decide which path you will take daily. Many will try to pull you to the wrong distractions and causes. Find My peace. Will I not take care of that need as well? I Am the Alpha and the Omega! I have you in the palm of My Hands.

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