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Daily Prophetic Word May 2, 2018

The Father says, Cast your plans wide for I am expanding you out further than expected. In the little moments, of activities that seem insignificant, will I make a Mighty decree. Even the small mustard seed is enough faith for where you are going. Many will not believe before their eyes see all that I have prepared for down this road.

You have greatness within you, and I will pull out every part of who I AM within you. Your travels are endless just as My reach is endless. Just as fisherman casts the rod, I will cast you out over here and over there. You will bring in a harvest that is unprecedented. The time is now for a new way of walking is coming to My people.

The days of gloom and doom will clearly be put to an end although many will refuse to see all that blooms around them. You cannot make someone see the truth, but you have a choice if you see it or not, just the same. Decide to let fear go because none of that is truth to your life. If I AM for you, then what can fear do for you?

Worry will send you in the wrong direction. Do I look worried? I know how it will unfold, come closer and I will show you. I have not left you in the dark. I will speak mysteries at times, but know that the revelation will follow. Hold on tightly to what I have promised. You are My Royal Sons and Daughters. Beloved beyond measure. Failure is not your portion, My Glory is.

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