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Daily Prophetic Word April 9, 2018

The Father says, What was separated will be joined. What has caused strife and heartache will be healed. My People are walking in a time where disorder will come into My Authority. Forget about what you feel was messed up. I will bring a rebirth to what is lying in waste. Rejoice for the overflow of My Favor is upon you.

Do not let the gloom and doom reside in your heart and mind. I will take you even out of this shadow that oppresses. My Perspective is your perfect plan. Decide to not let worry invade, instead you take the territory with the Authority that you already have. One person surely does make a great difference. Imagine what all of My people could do together.

Competition will destroy your path and rob potential out of your hands. Focus on your race and not where others are in Me. I will take them step by step but it may look different than where you are going. I have not abandoned My desires for your life. Walk hand in hand. Watch as I give you the miraculous in the morning and at night.

The world will wrap you in a snare. You are passing through. Either in a valley or on the mountain top, you are passing through. Do not let the process cause you to stumble. I am working out all of your days for Good even if the moment escapes you with questions of ‘why.’ You are Loved completely. Invite Me in each day. I will not disappoint.

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