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Daily Prophetic Word March 26, 2018

The Father says, There are times when you have to seek out My Answer and there are times when My answer comes to find you like a knock on the door. Be diligent to watch how I am moving around you. I will not always send you a neon sign. You will know My ways when you take the time each day to spend in My presence. Relationships grow into a sweetness only by spending time together.

I will not always speak to you in the same manner as in previous years. I am changing things up so that you do not grow complacent and comfortable. People tend to take for granted that which comes too easy. I want your attention always, and I will move to another frequency so that you seek Me out fully once more. I have spoken to your heart and spirit aspects that I am doing in your life. When you do not sense the urgency to respond right away, I will use other ways to wake you up to what I am doing in this hour.

A life of non-Kingdom distractions will leave you empty at the end of the day. Come back to Me for a new perspective and strategy. I have the keys that you seek. I will release them along your path and carry you when needed to your destination. Do not be down. I am lifting you up in this hour above the disappointments and failures that were thrown at you. I am taking you to a place of security high above clouds on a mountain to commune with just Me. Let the noise of life fade into the background.

Better is coming. Shout your praises of worship. What was keeping you back is making way for a new stage for you to walk upon. You have outgrown where you are. Sing Hallelujah! The Butterfly has to outgrow the chrysalis to know the moment to emerge for the time of being hidden in Me is changing. You were only at a stage of deep rest in Me, and NOW is your time to come out in a new level through Me. Soon life will speed up so only your wings will be able to keep you on track.

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