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Daily Prophetic Word March 18, 2018

The Father says, I am finishing up the last few remaining questions in your mind and pushing you on through that door that you have been staring at. There is a coming to an end and conclusion to some aspects in your life, that I will be cutting off as your time here is done. Well Done! I am very proud of what you have come through and accomplished for My Namesake. You could have quit and instead you persevered. Your Rewards have been released. Stay in the mind of anticipation. All will reach you.

Grab your prayer list and look over what you asked Me for over the last few years. I am bringing those answers to you even when you laid them down. Battles have been won and puzzle pieces have come into alignment. I will bringing back to your remembrance desires that you have even longed forgotten about. Find that in this season relationships that have long been strained and detached come back together with full renewal. It will feel like there was never a rift at all. Allow your heart to leap for I am in your midst through whatever your day may bring.

I am approaching you in different way for I plan to show you what a husband is to be towards a bride. Those that have been out of the fold for this or that reason will also be swept away by this movement. You are My Bride. Many see Me as a ruthless tyrant instead of the Loving Caring Father. I am showing you in this hour just what lengths I will go through for you. There is no end and no boundary line. What you could not understand will hit you with new revelation, and you will see into the spiritual realms what has been hidden from you.

I am taking your hand to lead you through. It is time to see just how far you will go and do, in and through Me. The box you have been living in has been removed. The scenery is changing and what was a challenge at one point will be as smooth ground before you now. We are running and obstacles will disappear just as you are moments from contact. Do not focus on what looks like a wall for it will vanish before your eyes. Trust in Me and you will rise above it all!

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