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Daily Prophetic Word March 16, 2018

The Father says, You are the little seed sprouted in My Glory. You are what seems tiny and insignificant, but as you Grow larger where I have planted you, will cause regions to find the Light. The illusion of light will be cast out as the enemy flees at the sound of your footsteps.

Gather your things, for we are going to places never seen, but have the tools you will need. I have promised not to leave your hands empty. What you could not accomplish in past seasons will now flow easily for you. What would not come under your Authority will obey as you walk forth in My Name.

Be mindful that your thoughts can betray you. Who are you aligning with everyday? I have said My Yoke is easy and My Burden is light, but many feel that they are walking in quicksand with concrete on their shoes. Does this make sense? If what you are doing seems to go against My Very Nature in your life, then stop to reevaluate once more.

Seasons are changing once again. I had said this current season would be shorter than expected. What you believed had set you back is launching you forward. Change your perspective for I am doing exactly what I have spoken over your life. Nothing is left to chance or circumstance. What worked against you will now work for you!

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