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Daily Prophetic Word March 1, 2018

The Father says, There is a Gold mine in your Heart. Do you believe? Or has the negative words others labeled and claimed you as stuck in your mind? I have not asked anyone else their thoughts, opinions, or desires for your life. I make My plans for you based solely on what I know is your potential and what I have created you to do and be. No one has more authority in your destiny than I do.

Many abandon the mine in search of other treasures and aspirations. Many find that a thief has come in and taken what they turned away from. Hold Fast to this hour. I am doing a New Thing on the inside of you. The Old is passing away. You are being transformed and brought into a place that is foreign, but one that you are made for. When you thought about your life, even yesterday, is being changed and shifted to expose what has been lying in wait all of this time. What you have struggled with to come out, will now come out with ease.

Do not underestimate small beginnings. There will always be areas, on the inside of who you are, that are at different levels of growth and maturity. When you fail to water those areas, you stay get stuck. When you let the weeds come in to crowd out the Light, you will stay stuck. Be Diligent and on Purpose in your daily affairs. Pay attention as you go about your day. Traps are set, but that does not mean you must fall into them. Do not go through life asleep. The effort you put forth will yield a plentiful harvest.

Diamonds begin as something that appears as garbage, but through the process, they become the most cherished of gemstones. Many give up in the process, but I say stay the course. When you view life as endless days of routines and troubles, you will banish all that is truly happening for My Glory and Honor. I will never leave you as I have found you. I have said that you will love how all of this turns out. Trust the process and let Me have My way in your life. I will give you meaning to what you travail through. Joy is the Portion that is growing larger and larger, not sorrow.


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