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Daily Prophetic Word February 15, 2018

The Father says, What has life in it will grow. When you feed positive into something, positive results will you yield. And too, what is fed negative will breathe negative. Look at how your day is spent. Are you choosing one aspect more than the other? Is your soul being filled with love or hate? When you give more attention to the light vs. dark, My Kingdom sweetness will flourish in and around your life. You were made in My Light.

You can try to hold both light and dark in your life, but at some point you will realize that you cannot truly balance both in your hands. One side will win out more days than not. When you are distracted with things from the dark, you will forget about where I am taking you. Eventually, you will walk away because you have forgotten your identity in Me. You have given up the Hope and Joy that My Spirit offers you each and every day.

Many do not realize, what they have walked away from, until they are so far down the path that they no longer see Me in the distance. Know that I am still waiting for you to return, but I will not force you. I can show you the happiness that I have guaranteed My people who walk uprightly, but I can’t make you choose to see all that I have set aside just for you. I cannot make you believe My Truth over the lies from all around. I speak softly. Are you listening to My still small voice?

I have loved you so deeply since I created you from My own imagination. You are not a mistake or an afterthought. I made you with purpose and a plan, for a life with a future filled with Hope and Goodness. The forces that look to seduce you into their deceptions will surely lead to death. Will you decide once and for all to shut out all other voices but Mine today? When you do, I will pour out My love directly into your heart and mind until you forsake all that was calling you into that snare. I have overflow coming to you in a greater measure than you have even felt before. It is time to come home My prodigals. Time to come home!

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