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Daily Prophetic Word January 14, 2018

The Father says, The wait will be worth it. The trials will be worth it. I will make a believer out of you just yet. Even the blessings you carelessly gave away will find you once more. You will come to see yourself finally worthy of My best. When you were younger you saw yourself through a distorted lens and perception. I see you how you truly are, perfect as the day that I created you. I will not allow you to change that status nor continue to walk in a ‘less than’ mentality.

I am gently nudging you to wake up this hour. The largest trees in the forest all started out as tiny unnoticeable seeds. I placed that seed in the exact spot that it needed to grow into a giant. So too have I done this with you! You must decide that you can indeed become extraordinary through My Spirit. Even as the sun changes its position in the sky each day, you also are shifting ever so slightly. Notice the subtle nature of how I move in your life.

Small beginnings and small steps become large Movements in the Kingdom. There is nothing that we cannot accomplish together. My Wings of Protection hover over you in this hour. What you felt would come to destroy will disappear before it finds you. I have worked out all of the details. Walk with Confidence that what you need will arrive. Not everything will come early, but it will arrive on time.

Stumbling blocks will be removed. Snares will spring upon the enemy instead. Be wise among your days. Be diligent in your actions. Be sensitive to My still Small Voice. What you have been waiting for is surely on the Horizon. Your time in waiting will be nothing but a forgotten memory soon enough. Cherish the seasons for there are valuable lessons required for what is to come next. I am so proud of you. Delight yourself in your Lord. The celebration is already underway.

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