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Daily Prophetic Word January 7, 2018

The Father says, Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world. Gather all of your fears, worries, struggles, and less than perfect days. Now place them in the bucket. How big is your bucket? The size is only a tiny speck compared to what I Am able and willing to do for you. Reality should be only what I speak into your life. Spending time in a false image will keep you stuck. I know how your journey plays out.

I desire you to wash away all of the false idols that you have around you, and also inside of you. Man builds a castle with false images about one's own self. Are you even really who you thought? My People have designed walls around what they believe they can do in this life. I say dream bigger. Does that larger dream bring fear or excitement? When you place that dream in My hands, I promise to refine it and send it straight to the target of My favor.

Release the mind that it hasn’t happened before, so it will not happen now. The past does not indicate anything other than direct moments for other things to have come to life. Today is your Now and Today is where your dream can be birthed into manifestation. Why not reach up for the highest level you desire, and watch Me send you even higher? Too many sit on the sideline and wonder why others receive My great and mighty gifts, and why not them too. I say, why not you too? I have not disqualified you. Ask Me!

A life a regret will do you no good. Looking at others with envy will do you no good. Just because it seems like a mountain does not mean you will not enjoy the journey. There is nothing too heavy that you cannot learn or be equipped to do; either in the natural or supernaturally by My Hand. You see, you are Limitless as long as you decide that you are. That is your full reality in Me. Time is on the clock. I promise to not disappoint.

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