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Daily Prophetic Word January 2, 2018

The Father says, Man may not approve of what I am doing in your life. Do not allow this to become a stumbling block for your steps are ordered by My Hand alone. This season will test your resolve to let the negative accusations fall to the ground. Look up for Your King is in the Midst. What arrows sent to harm will be turned against your adversary. Friends may shift their support, but I stick closer than a brother.

Walk in Joy for even in this time, you will walk above the noise into Kingdom resources and purpose. What comes against will flee in My Name. Nothing will devour your momentum. Do not spend time in detractions and merry-go-round interactions. Your time is valuable so treat each day in this manner and you will find less wasted moments in areas that have no fruit.

See yourself scaling the tallest of buildings and you will jump right over the obstacles that come to take you out. This is your year to RISE! When life tries to make you fall, Remember and Declare, You are RISING UP! The battlefield is truly only in your mind. Forget about the the natural eyes see, I have given you the keys to all that needs an open door to.

Hear the past doors closing and My Love shining all around you. Your future is bright if only you choose to walk fully in the Knowing that I Am is for you. What is coming to an end will set you free of aspects that you didn’t even know was holding you down. I am bringing much clarity and surprises your way. Let the Celebration begin. You are right on Time for My Glory to flood your life.

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