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Daily Prophetic Word December 27, 2017

The Father says, What you have given up on, I have not. Today, find old paths long forgotten about enter your mind. You crossed these things off of your list of areas that you could be successful in, but I say, I will renew this for you. Whether you got ahead of Me or simply misunderstood what you needed to do, I will bring it all back with the force of a Hurricane. I will clear what is blocking you, and give you what is necessary to accomplish all that is in your heart to do. I have not placed you aside to take on ‘better’ causes.

People will try to convince you that I am not for you. They will say your failure was because of something lacking on the inside of you. I say to you, forget the negative words others spilled out before you. You and I will settle what is and what is not regarding your life. I Am the Keeper of your days. What does or does not come to be in your life starts in our relationship not the nosey glares from others. They can claim all they want. I will set you up on the highest of rocks in spite of those that said that you can’t.

I am not limited by your darkest of days, weeks, or even decades. I know how to get you to the right

place at the right time even if I have to pave a whole new road just for you. I want you to enjoy your Life! Enjoy it all! All is going to be OK for it all is in My Hands. Let Go of the trying to do it all on your own. Let go of your self-loathing that you do when no one is looking. I have counted your days Good before Me. I am not finished with you yet, and I am taking you places you never imagined and neither will your worst enemy either.

Try a new way of thinking that all things are going to work out for My Glory, and you will finish the race better than you first thought as you set out in your youth. When things look upside down, remember I even created that too. I know what I am doing, and I will take you from Glory to Glory even when all of hell breaks lose over your day. I am not caught off guard! I have already prepared the response to what is going on today, tomorrow, and next week. You are covered completely! And Loved even more Sweetly! You are Loved My Precious Child. Give Me all of those burdens and junk that you are carrying around. I want it all!

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