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Daily Prophetic Word December 24, 2017

The Father says, Many will tell you that I have no desire to watch you walk in prosperity and blessings. I placed Adam and Eve in the most lavish of Gardens. Nothing was missing and nothing was a need or want. Why would I suddenly choose to see you impoverished and in lack? Why would I promise a Glorious Heaven to desire you to be in suffering now?

You are the Pearl of Great Price. My Son left everything in Heaven to be among you in order to purchase your life back from the enemy. There is no Kingdom without you! Heaven and Earth were created with you in mind. My resources are endless. What good are resources stored in a barn when they bless no one sitting in a barn? Forsake the lies thrown all around.

My angels are assigned to help you and carry down what you need. Ask with Enthusiasm and Audaciously! Is your attitude blocking My favor? Ask Me to show you what is unseen. Job saw his fortunes restored twice over when he was willing to pray for the friends who were misguided. I say this day, come before Me and I will tell you how to unlock what has been blocked in your life.

I am molding you into My Son. I will ask you to do things that are out of your comfort zone. I will ask you to reach beyond the justice that you deserve to bless those who are seen as unworthy of your love and help. In the stillness of the night, I will speak to you about how you can see past the hurt and pain to find the Glory in all situations. I have so much more to show and teach you in the coming weeks. Look for My outpouring before you!

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