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Daily Prophetic Word December 23, 2017

The Father says, All that is around you, I will use to speak to you. Do not miss the random events that seem to be organized by an unseen hand. Were you delayed in traffic for My divine purpose today? My angels are on assignment to make sure you encounter My Voice. I do not always come to you in the same manner as I did yesterday. My Voice speaks to every need and every problem. If you miss what I am saying to you over here, I will try again over there. Look for Me, and you will certainly find Me.

Be Wise with Heavenly Wisdom. Ask and I will freely bestow upon you knowledge that you have no earthly way of knowing. I will never stop speaking to you regardless of the time or season. If you step off of the path that I drew out for you, stop, and I will hand you My compass yet again. You do not have to get yourself out of your own mess. I Am your Helper!

My people die from lack of knowledge and vision. Come into full view and presence of what I am doing over you this hour. You can’t see when you are looking through a tiny hole. Remove what is over your eyes. I am not standing far off just observing what you will do today. I am actively involved in everything you encounter each moment.

Sand is before your feet, and as the path needs to be adjusted, I will do so. Do not shrink back with condemnation and shame for what has gone off plan. I am patient with you. Let Me console you, and build you back up to be ready to go once more. The world will be cruel. Come to Me for restoration and guidance. I will never leave you without My presence. You are Powerful. Embrace who you are!

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