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Daily Prophetic Word November 27, 2017

The Father says, I say today that your faith has been mighty enough to move the mountains around you. I desire to use your life as a testimony for others. What you conquer gives hope to the hopeless. Are you willing and up for this task? It requires unshakable faith and steadfastness in the wildest of storms. I will replenish your Hope and Strengthen each day. The key to seeing My promises unfold in your life is not quitting.

What slithers to and fro around you seeks your demise. But I Am your Lord who is ever present around you. I will cut off the head of the enemy who vies for your very soul. You are not alone to deal with what comes your way. Have you asked Me to get involved? Wait on Me and I will renew your Strength and mount up with wings like eagles. Weariness is not your portion.

You are walking in a New Year already. The old is passing away and Behold all things are becoming new. Change your focus and expectations. You are Blessed and Highly Favored. Choose to forsake the gloom and doom reports for they are speaking of false knowledge. I have not taken you this far only to give you nothing in the end. My Kingdom has Come to Earth.

What many seek lies in the Next, but I say look to what I Am doing right Now for your days. When you care only for things to end, you will deny the Greatness that is before you. Whose Voice to you hold in Highest Esteem? I have never abandoned My Creation. Let Me Teach you about Joy that surpasses All Understanding. Your portion is not misery. Come Closer. I have much to show you!

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