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Daily Prophetic Word November 24, 2017

The Father says, “The Ruach Wind is moving upon My people. The Storehouses that have been closed up for a season are bursting their blessings out. I have allowed a season of dryness for many in order that your harvest be multiplied. Release the pain and bitterness of the land that you saw as desolate. I am restoring all and moving you into a place of plenty. Dry seasons have there importance in moving you into new territories with new skills and weapons that are needed. Growth comes to all during these moments. Everything I will turn for your good. I did not forsake you or leave you without. Shift your eyes to see the bigger picture that I desire for you to understand.

My Power will come upon you soon with a force and desire that you have never experienced before. Fresh oil of My Love and Healing do I pour out upon you. My angels prepare you for the road ahead with great joy. You are ready. All has come into its Chronos and Kairos time under heaven and earth. This is one of the most anticipated times in the Kingdom. My Body is coming into a new level of maturity and purpose.

My Spirit will flow through My called and chosen with New Wine skins. The season of waiting is over, and the new season of prosperous endeavors is upon you. What I send your hands to do in My Name will be Accelerated and Glorified. You are a blessing to all that come across your presence. Do not let moments of disappointment ruin your promise to come. What you focus on will become bigger. Choose wisely where you take your attention to.

Reach up! I deny no one a part in what I am doing today. The work is great, and the hands are few. Even those that walked away from the call I say this day, COME. I will surely place you on the path of great destinies for a willing heart. Come to My waters of revival. Let Me set your Heart ablaze yet again. Time is not to be left wasted. Make the Most of where you are now and watch the overflow into tomorrow.

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