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Daily Prophetic Word November 12, 2017

The Father says, Loving Me is not enough. You must love the people you are not comfortable in loving. You must go to the people who have made their bed with the swine. You must decide to be the True Light and turn away from darkness. Stop living on the edge of that cliff. Eventually you will fall off into the abyss.

Eyes and Ears that are exposed to sinful behavior eventually shape the heart and mind to do the same. You must guard your heart and mind at all times. Do not think you can be exposed to sin and not be affected. I have called you to righteousness. I have called you to sit in Heavenly Places right now.

What you spend time doing, demonstrates your priorities, and desires spring from that. It takes a daily commitment to yield your life to Me and let Me tell you what needs to be removed. Do you want to be free or would you rather wear those filthy rags yet one more day? I Am making ready a Bride with no spot or wrinkle. You must decide to be that Bride or not.

Know that you cannot have both lifestyles. I will not allow a double-minded, wishy washy Bride by My Right Hand. Come into a better way of living for what I have is permanent and will not fade away. Be My True and Faithful. Forsake the evil that is pleasing to the eye. One path leads to Life of Abundance and the other to death.

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