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Daily Prophetic Word November 6, 2017

The Father says, Find My Restoration upon your house this day. I Am meeting you where you are, and making the dead things live again. Hand over all of your dead things; relationships, career, money, failures, missed opportunities, dreams, hopes, and desires. I want you to leave nothing hidden. I will do amazing things with all of this for My Glory and Honor.

Come to My Well where I will renew and replenish your soul. You have been weary from your travels and times of great storms. I will rebuild every aspect of your purpose under My Kingdom. I will anoint you with fresh oil and give you new wine skins to take on your journey. I choose to place My Favor upon you, and I choose to bless you. Decide in your heart not to be double minded. Keep Me center and Lord over your life. Trust and Faith in Me is what unlocks the storehouses in Heaven over you. Without Faith you cannot please Me.

I Am your Father who only has good things in store for you. Don’t waste your time doubting any of My promises that I have spoken in My Word. Doubt and unbelief will only block and stop your blessings. You are on Holy Ground. Come and ask all that you desire to petition before My Throne. I love you! Do not come like a fearful servant. Ask Big and Ask Bold! My Will will be carried out in full measure over a yielded life.

I Am not a task master. I use you as My vessel because it will bring a blessing for you and others, as well as, Glory to My Name. You reap a great reward. You are My Beloved. There is nothing that I will allow to separate us. If there is an obstacle, I will remove it. You can choose to go along with this process, or you can fight against it.

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