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Daily Prophetic Word October 28, 2017

The Father says, There is beauty even in the darkest of storms. I created you to be conquerors and thrive in all environments. You are not limited by your human body for your imagination and spirit are limitless in Me. I created everything from My Imagination. The same imagination I bestowed upon you with. Did you forget you were created in My Image? In the spirit realm, imagination is key to unlocking your gifts. You have wondered how many are able to flow in their spiritual gifts, and this is the missing piece.

Ask Me to open up the fountains and rivers inside your belly. It is from there, that all things flow out of you. Everything I have placed inside of you will come from this source. I have said it will take child-like faith, and I will restore this aspect within you. Place aside your cynical and serious adult persona. I desire for you to be a carefree child running in the meadow without a concern in the world. I will restore and increase your joy in all circumstances. I will give you reasons to laugh and smile at every storm. Your blessings are on the other side of that storm.

My Mighty answer, to all that afflicts you, is there where I will meet you. I am coming towards you this very day! I will not abandon you when you call. Together, we will walk out your destiny, and you will be amazed beyond your wildest dreams. Decide to ask for the High call and not the low call. I have created and designed you for greatness not marginally above average.

Look at the Calendar and ask Me what I have left to open before the end of 2017? Many are waiting for their Promised Land and Doors to Suddenly Open. Find the doors, still linking you to the past, shut for good this time. You don't live there anymore. I am coming in and through you to shift you out of the hands that were too strong for you to break free from, and into the realms that All Things are Possible. Believe and what you hold onto will become a reality.

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