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Daily Prophetic Word October 14, 2017

The Father says, Time is not your enemy. I created Time to be a resource. You have plenty of time to do the work I have called you to do. But you must be diligent to follow My Voice to accomplish what I have placed before you. The Kingdom work continues to be passed down to My People to run the race with.

Do not worry about the ending, just focus on the here and now. I desire for you to live in the NOW for that is where I Am, and where My Voice will lead you. Too many people focus on the future, but fail to make the correct steps, now and today. I have you in the Palm of My Hand. I will tell you when to move and when to stay.

When you feel yourself distracted, stop for a moment to reconnect with My Voice. I will help you find your footing once again. I said I would never leave you. Feelings are fickle and cannot be trusted. I Am your Lord and King. Trust Me, You will enjoy the ending…Just follow Me. Some aspects are that simple in the mind and will. You have choices each day that will shape what your journey becomes.

What appears strange will become familiar. What seems implausible will become your greatest story in this journey. I will cast the naysayers to your feet in reverence. Dance with Me in this season of Celebration as you have never known such transformation. These times are unprecedented. Expect shifting in immovable places. Behold I Am doing a New Thing in and through you!


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