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Daily Prophetic Word October 11, 2017

The Father says, I desire for you to fully realize that You are Already Seated in Heavenly Places and Clothed in My Righteousness. You are not trying to earn anything. What I have, I freely give to you through the work of the Cross and Resurrection. You cannot earn more Love from Me, as I already Love you with a Perfect and Complete Love that is missing nothing and lacking nothing.

I Am already pleased with You. I Am already blessing your life. I Am already pouring out My favor upon you. Do you not see Me in all that surrounds you? Focus on My Good every day in all that you see and find yourself doing in your day and night. I Am always looking to lavish My Love on you each day.

Stop the religious rhetoric in your mind. I Am not looking at your sins on the Cross. It was paid for and It Is Finished! Come with Me. And as You Come With Me, I will mold you and shape you into the likeness of My Son. Stop throwing stones at yourself and each other. Forgive yourself and each other. I desire to take you higher.

I work with imperfect people, and I choose you as My Vessel of Honor. Will You Come Away With Me? Or will you say you are not worthy or capable? Who I Am to say otherwise! I made you and I will work through your strengths and make you strong where you are weak. I Am not concerned with where you started for I have drawn the most beautiful plans for the remainder of your days!

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