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Daily Prophetic Word October 9, 2017

The Father says, Today let your mind see Me as the anchor in your everyday life. Let me keep you fully grounded with My peace that surpasses all understanding. My Love for you will keep you sheltered in My Wings. I will place you upon My Rock of safety and quiet the storm within your spirit.

Rest in Me in everything for I know what lies ahead of you. No matter what season you are in, I desire for you to stop and enjoy the life I gave you. A flower can even bloom in a desert. How much more can I make your life bloom even in the most desperate of times? My Hand does not withhold from those that walk in righteousness.

Align yourself today with My Spirit. Let me breathe revival within your mind, soul, and spirit. I can to the unimaginable with a vessel who is yielded. I have poured you out into New Wine skins. Forget the old skins and take on the New Armor of God that I have placed upon you. In the Newness you will find the treasure being refined and polished.

You are ready to be Sent out for My Namesake. I will not hold you back and there are no training wheels upon your life. The unfamiliar will become familiar soon enough. Trust the Process for I will not send you out ill-prepared. Your days will be ever present in My Glory as I lead you through the journey. Let the anticipation grow for Joy is upon you!

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