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Daily Prophetic Word September 24, 2017

The Father says, “You are in the Days of Elijah and have been for many years now! However, I Am breaking down the pillars of Baal, and setting a course of righteousness back into My people. Many have strayed over to the wrong side thinking it was better to be progressive and all inclusive.

Stop! You have adopted the wrong spirit into your heart and mind. Your faith has become watered down. I Am rising up My Vessels to challenge the status quo and place My Plumbline back into the Position. The days of getting by being lukewarm are coming to an end. You must decide who you will follow.

Your voice carries a heavy weight. Using it against My Purposes will echo the enemy’s words and desires. Who you are in alignment with will determine much in the coming months. My Kingdom has One Voice and One King. There is no conflict in Heaven, nor have a I called you to quarrel endlessly at each other.

If your words and actions lack love, then they are like clanging cymbals. You must guard your day lest you be overtaken to the wrong directions. Your cure is as simple as spending time in prayer and through the Word. I will not leave you without My help or Voice. I have not changed My mind about you. Let’s get up and press on!”

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