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Daily Prophetic Word September 22, 2017

The Father says, “Your Open Door and Chariot have arrived! Turn your ahead around and look forward. I Am not in the last season and neither are you. Check your watch, for Time is Speeding up again. You will have a short transition into the New Lands and Fresh Assignments.

What you thought would take months upon months will be done in a mere few weeks. What you felt overwhelmed to accomplished will be done with ease. I have arranged and placed order to your steps. The path has narrowed with stiff boundaries. You are right on track.

Let My Unspeakable Joy and Peace enter your complete being. Stop to look around one more time, for what you have seen and known is getting a Heavenly Upgrade. I Am giving you a New View and Perspective. The old one was considerably flawed and narrow minded.

You are growing into Mature Sons and Daughters after My Own Heart. Do not cast your crown after garbage. Choose your battles with Kingdom Discernment. The distractions leading into dark alleys are unfruitful. Screaming at the darkness will not change the situations or the minds. Pray over people even your greatest enemy. This is your source of power. Welcome to Your Divine Day and Hour!”


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