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Daily Prophetic Word September 12, 2017

The Father says, “The mistakes you have made do not define who you are or what I can do for your future. Decide to get up from the rubble and allow me to make all things new once more. These dry bones are about to rise, and I will bring purpose to what you have gone through.

I will use your biggest regret to set others free. Have no fear of what man can do. What I give you no one else has the authority to take. What the enemy did against you, I will repay beyond what was lost. When you stand on what was destroyed you are automatically higher physically and in the spirit realm, you are as tall as the highest of buildings.

You are walking into calmer waters. Understand in this hour that what appears in the natural will not line up with the peace I give you that surpasses all understanding. It won’t make sense to those around you who will beg you to take this action or that action. Do not be alarmed when you have no desire to go into panic mode.

Your maturity in Me is growing rapidly. You are not who you were even if you have not taken the time to notice. The next 3 weeks will be vital and I have the reins. You just sit back and watch Me breakthrough on your behalf. Long-standing problems will just vanish into nothing much at all. Stand on the Promises that you have been vigilant on. I will not fail you!”

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