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Daily Prophetic Word September 7, 2017

The Father says, “My People need to start believing in Miracles!! You have been denied only because of unbelief and never out of My desire against your life. Declare and Decree for what you speak out of your mouth will become manifested. Speak against the spirit of unbelief that seeks to choke My People. You were born to walk in this. This is your destiny and inheritance. Stop to think why I gave commissions, power, and authority if you could not possibly do any of it? Doesn’t make sense does it?

I Am not a God of games or One that would do for you and not another. You are all Loved Equally. The difference is in who gladly grabs what I Am releasing and those that would speak against what I Am doing. Do you see the words flowing from the mouth. What comes out is what is in your heart and soul. Say to your mouth, be Clean. Say to your Soul, be healed and whole under the Power of Jesus. If you want to truly be Mine, then speak against what is not of My Kingdom.

I Am not in the spirit of man, but you are to be in My Spirit in all areas. Falling short? Then ask Me to lift you up out of the darkness and into the light. Many believe in their own mind that they are in the light but their actions speak otherwise. I have a simple solution. Come with a repentant attitude open and ready to be shown what I need to change in you. I do not expect you to do the work that only I can bring forth. You are just to be yielded, willing, and open to My Hand over your life.

The sooner you come, the sooner you will find the inexplicable supernatural RESTORATION and JOY. The freedom you saw as enough just through salvation is nothing compared to wholeness that I am offering. Do you believe you can be as pure as before the fall? Just as I healed Mary before she could conceive My Son, I will make you that pure as well. Raise up your hands and ask Me to come in and undo what the sin curse did to your soul. I Am here NOW, just receive!”

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