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Daily Prophetic Word September 6, 2017

The Father says, “The story you felt got lost, ruined, and denied is still before you ready to manifest! You say, ‘Impossible God. This could never be as it was destroyed beyond recognition.’ I Am the God of second chances, even if you are on your seventh go around. I know how to undo, recreate, and heal up your brokenness. Even a diamond does not look like much at first, but in the Master’s hand, the beauty does come forth. I will cut away what did not shine My Brilliance through, and with the new facets, will My Light radiate to its full potential. I will make a way for even your most lost of dreams to hope for.

You are merely in a journey where the beginning started at the foundations, and now you are just passing through this part into the next. Many classify their life as only the human time, but I invite you to ask Me for more revelation about who you truly are in Kingdom. My people have accepted such a tiny part of truth, when in fact, My Word still contains endless amounts of hidden gems and revelation that few seek out as a way of life. Be hungry for the things of the Kingdom. I will not disappoint a mind that craves more Truth and Knowledge.

Many scream false teacher at the mere mention of new revelation. Was not everything new to the ears at one point? Come before Me with an open heart and mind. I will not shout over your well-formed and flawed opinions. Could anyone conceive of the notion of a God becoming Man to same a lost world? Do you know of any other god that saved anyone? You do not possess all of the puzzle pieces, and many assume they have the full picture already. When was the last time you learned something new about Me? Do not the angels in Heaven learn something fresh at every new moment?

Your time in intimacy with Me is not in vain. Even when you believe nothing is happening or changing, you ARE being transformed part by part. You are becoming a vessel that will know My truth even when the world rejects the message. You are not responsible for what others do, so focus on your own walk with Me. Yes, People will falsely judge you, just as you have done so in the past. This does not define you. I Define You! Enjoy the journey and let Me be about the details. I hear your Heart, and I love the beauty that you are even yet to see! Soon you will.”

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