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Daily Prophetic Word September 3, 2017

The Father says, “You have been refined like some of the most precious of natural resources on Earth. You are strengthened and fortified. In the hands of another, you have limitations. Many see themselves still in this identity. Are you any less worthy than My servants of old? Will I not pour out My Spirit just the same and even greater?

Try Me! When you lack vision for just who you are in Me, then try Me! Will I not do the miraculous through any willing person? Many have said yes but grew impatient only to wander off. Others threw their hands up because they did not want to be prepared first. When your motives lack clarity, I must remove what will ultimately destroy your ability to carry the weight.

You are not subject to relentless waves as high as a skyscraper. I will teach you how to speak to what is against you and bring it down. You must learn to use your authority and power. What good does possessing all things if you lack the knowledge to successful bring darkness down in all circumstances. Will I not release you at the right time and season no matter what?

I desire to commune with you in deep intimacy and connection. When you fail to understand this crucial importance, you will run the risk of running ahead of My Voice. The enemy looks to take you away with shiny lights that carry no real substance. You must be so familiar with My Voice and movements that no counterfeit will go unnoticed before you. Be mindful as you step out. If you lack wisdom, I have plenty to impart over your life. What was out of alignment is coming into My purposes in this hour!”

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