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Daily Prophetic Word August 12, 2017

The Father says, “When you cross the river there is a temptation to look back at the water, imaging what could have happened as you walked through. My Child, do you perceive that dangers are truly dangers where I have sent you? Will I allow even one hair to be harmed? What can man do to you anyway?

I will not send you into a losing battle. It is your faith, trust, and belief that carries you over with success. Some turn around the minute the battle fails to end when they expected. Not everything will receive a quick answer or victory. Think for a moment. When Opposition continues there must be something costly that is at stake. You have the ability to influence outcomes more than you realize.

For those that are hungry, I will teach the great mysteries around spiritual and natural warfare. The two are more linked than has been known before. Man is not a bystander to what is taking place in the heavens, and you are at a time in history that will require more and more direct involvement. You are Co-Heirs to Rule and Reign with Me. We have much work to accomplish yet.

I have said, do not Fear. Fear is operating in the wrong spirit. You are above such low-level mindsets. I commanded mankind to subdue the Earth. That authority has not left you. It is merely dormant in many because they are asleep, thinking they are more a victim of circumstances. Take hold of the truth. I have not changed My Mind about you. I plan to use you for amazing exploits. Forsake what would tell you otherwise.”

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